Gold and Silver Medal Award Winners

The time has come for us to offer you a pot of tea... one sip at a time, our mission is to showcase the true essence of why many all over the world have shared countless cups of tea for centuries.

A drink that was not created to quench a thirst, but a celebration of the people & places that inspire us to create and innovate. A time to taste & feel the sophistication, elegance, and calmness that every cup brings.

Inspired by her love to immerse herself in the culture & adventure the world has to offer - her memories captured & her stories told as she takes you on a sensory journey with each unique, hand crafted blend.

We travel the globe for inspiration to proudly share with the world our version of the story behind classic teas, exotic flavours & herbal blends.

You’ll be pleased to hear that all of our teas are ethically sourced, organic where possible & completely chemical & lead free, hand blended & beautifully packaged with care in Melbourne, Australia.

It’s now time to sit back, relax and indulge - select your tea as you are inspired with each unique, internationally curated premium blend.