Sencha Green Tea: What It Is, and Where to Find the Best

There are many different types of teas from around the world, and each region has something they do well. If you're looking for a tea from Japan, the most popular choice is Sencha green tea. This has been consumed avidly since the 16th century, when it was first discovered.

What Is Sencha Green Tea?

Sencha green tea is derived from the Camellia sinensis plant, which makes it a true tea. Other green teas that are made from this plant in Japan include Genmaicha and matcha teas. However, close to 80% of the plants that are harvested are used to make Sencha green tea.

Brief History of Sencha Green Tea

This tea leaf was brought to Japan from China. Matcha had been the drink of choice, but once Sencha showed up, that changed. This is because the preparation process for this tea is quick and easy. Thus, the beverage can be enjoyed as soon as the leaves dry out. Today, Sencha green tea is still a popular drink.


The processing of this plant varies from other green teas, especially those found in China. Once the leaves have been harvested, they are then withered and dried naturally. They don't undergo any oxidation, which is a series of chemical reactions that brown the tea leaves and produce the aroma and flavor compounds in finished darker teas. The oxidation process converts the polyphenols knows as catechins that occur naturally in teas into flavonoids.

Flavor and Aroma

After the leaves have been dried, they are steamed and rolled into needle shapes. They are then sorted and blended into loose leaf tea bags and other packages. The flavor of this tea has been described as floral, nutty, and fruity. It also has an earthy and grassy profile, as well as a hint of the ocean, which comes from seaweed in its flavor profile.

When it comes to color, it can range from light green to dark green. If you brew tea from loose leaves, this will make your beverage lighter in color, while teas brewed from Sencha powder are often darker.

Health Benefits of Sencha Green Tea

In addition to having an amazing flavor and being easy to process, Sencha green tea also comes with a host of additional benefits. A few of these are listed below.

1. Boosts the Immune System

Most teas have components that help boost your immune system and fight off infection and disease. However, Sencha green tea also comes with high levels of vitamin C. It also helps your body create white blood cells, so if you have a cold or the flu, drinking this tea may shorten the length of time you are sick.

2. Helps With Weight Loss

The antioxidants in this tea can help you burn fat and extra calories. It's also possible that the caffeine in this drink can boost your metabolism and give you sustained energy to get through your day.

3. Improve Your Oral Health

It has been found that Sencha green tea has fluoride in it, which is an important item to keep your teeth healthy and strong as well as prevent cavities. It may even help you fight bad breath, which is caused by germs in your mouth.

4. Lowers Bad Cholesterol

It has been shown through studies that Sencha green tea can lower your bad cholesterol, which can be beneficial in preventing heart disease and lowering your blood pressure.

Where to Find the Best

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