The Science of Tea Blends: How to Achieve the Perfect Balance

Whether you're looking for tea blends to cure an ailment or to help you relax and unwind after a long day, ensuring that you get the right flavors and healing properties can make a significant difference. This process doesn't have to be difficult; but the results will speak for themselves.

How to Achieve the Perfect Balance of Tea Blends

There are a few basics of blending that you'll need to be aware of, including the base. This will tie all of the flavors together and allow them to mingle in perfect harmony. What base works best will depend on the flavor you are trying to achieve. Here are some tips on how to get the perfect balance of tea blends:

The Base

When you are thinking about your tea blends and your base, you'll need to keep in mind that all teas have a different look and taste. You'll need to consider what type of taste you want in your tea. Are you looking for something strong and bold? If so, you might want to think about using a black tea as your base. If you want something light that may assist in losing weight, then a green tea would be an ideal base choice.

Your base is the ingredient that your tea will have the most of. The suggestion is that 3/4 of the blend should be tea. If you're unsure which one will make the best base, you might consider getting small amounts of all your choices, brewing them, and then putting them through a taste test. During the process, you'll want to keep notes about color, aroma, and flavor. This will help you mix more flavors in the future and find your favorites.

Secondary Ingredients

In addition to your base, you can add some secondary ingredients for more flavor and dimension to your tea. These won't be used in large quantities, but you can mix different flavors for exceptional taste or to add healing properties to your drink. To begin, you might consider only adding one or two secondary ingredients and then going up as your confidence in blending increases.

What you decide to add to your tea blends as secondary ingredients will be up to you. You don't have to limit yourself to other tea leaves. You can add fruit, flowers, herbs, or even other foods. Test out some different flavors and find the ones that pair the best with your base and create an aromatic and tasty tea for consumption.

Flavor Tips

Experimenting is the best way to discover the different flavor combinations that you'll enjoy. However, there may be some teas that mix better than others. For example, blending vanilla with a black tea can give it an intriguing and eye-opening flavor. Blending fruits with green teas or oolong teas can give these drinks something extra.

If you're blending teas to make iced tea, know that the process is a bit different. You'll want to do a taste test to ensure that the blend tastes good. Darjeelings can make a flavorful iced tea and will mix well with mint or syrup. Nepal teas mix well with fruit. If you're looking to add spices or milk to your iced tea, then you can consider using Nilgiri and Assam teas.

Finding the Right Ingredients

There are no rules or regulations when it comes to tea blends. You can put together any flavor profiles that you find interesting or you think will taste good. Experiment with different bases and secondary ingredients to find the blends that you enjoy.

When it comes to the right ingredients, make sure you're working with the best. Contact Ari & May Fine Tea Co. for an array of different bases and extras to make the perfect tea blends.