Aside from Tisanes (herbal teas), all tea comes from the ancestral plant, the Camellia Sinensis. How the tea is processed determines whether it will end up as a white, green, blue or black tea, and many other factors such as soil, climate and region will influence the flavour and character.

Not a traditional tea as such, but referred to as a tea, Tisanes are herbal teas made from dried herbs, flowers and leaves, and generally don't have any tea.

The key to a perfect cup of tea is some Ari and May Fine Tea of course! To keep your tea fresh and flavourful as the day you bought it, is to store your tea in a cool dry place such as the pantry and in an air tight container or re-sealable bag. If using a re-sealable bag it is wise to expel the air prior to re-sealing.

The ideal serving for a single cup of tea is 1 teaspoon per 200ml, for a more bolder flavour, simply use 2 teaspoons, instead of steeping for longer.

The temperature for each type of tea varies. Black teas infuse best at higher temperatures to extract their fullest flavour, while more
delicate teas such as white and green teas are best brewed with water between 60°C and 80°C.

Black Tea 100°C
Blue Tea 90°C
Green Tea 60°C - 80°C
White Tea 80°C
Herbal Tea 95°C - 100°C

For best results, bring your water to a slight boil then let it rest
for a 2-5 minutes and allow it to cool to the ideal temperature range
you need for the tea your drinking.

Everyone’s taste preferences are different, and each tea’s brewing time varies. It’s completely up to you how strong you like to enjoy your tea and if you like it black, white, light, sweet or bitter.

As a general rule of thumb to assist you on your perfect brew;

Black Tea 3-4 minutes
Blue Tea 3-4 minutes
Green Tea 2-3 minutes
White Tea 1-3 minutes
Herbal Tea 4-6 minutes.

Ari & May Tea Organic Chamomile Flowers

There is no purer way to enjoy tea than to experience the natural flavour of tea in its purest loose leaf form.

Prepackaged tea in tea bags picked off the shelf on the other hand are convenient, however the tea is processed to the point it becomes a powder, whilst picking up many other impurities along the way that take away from the full flavour, health benefits and freshness found with loose leaf tea.

Now, on to brewing a fine cup with some Ari and May Tea. Take the tour.